What you should want to know about white bean extract?

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Do you know that high carb diet is the offender behind your love handles, waist and stubborn belly fat? Health aficionados try to cut down their carb intake as much as possible to lose weight. Natural supplements have been found to aid lose weight along with exercise and active lifestyle. The magic supplement we are talking about is white kidney bean extract. Preliminary research has shown that white kidney beans benefits are wide ranging in your pursuit to lose weight and stay healthy. White kidney bean extract is also referred as carb blocker, which changes our digestive process and results in less absorption of carbohydrate. It does the function by blocking an enzyme called amylase, responsible for digestion of carb in the intestine and the white kidney beans benefits as follows

1) Carb blocker – It is effective inhibitor of complex carbs such as found in  rice, wheat, oats, Green vegetables, potatoes, Rye, barley, pasta, lentils etc. Research on white kidney bean as carb blocker has concluded it inhibits the enzyme amylase for digesting starch. It is widely claimed by health aficionados as natural weight loss aid.

2) Helps in reducing blood sugar level- The significant benefit of reducing carbohydrates resulted in reduction of blood sugar levels.

3) Promotes fullness and reduces craving- Those who have taken the white kidney bean extract claim satiated with little meals. This is because of the inhibiting property of the extract.

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4) May help people suffering from Digestive issues – Though the more research is needed, however, people suffering from chronic IBS, Crohn’s diseases claim after consuming white kidney bean extract it has improved their digestion and reduced chronic inflammation.

What are the side effects of White Kidney Bean Extract?

Despite having, rich benefits, white kidney bean extract side effects have been widely reported by many. However, they are only mild side effects.

1) Short-term side effects are Bloating, Belching, and Wind after meals, Diarrhoea, Constipation and Flatulence.

2) Long-term side effects –Not many research have been done to conclude the long-term side effects however, nutritionists warn that white kidney bean side effects are no different from other supplements, which should not be continued for long term.


Although carb blocker supplements such as white kidney bean extract are great way to aid weight loss goal, you should however consider your overall lifestyle and getting proper nutrition from your diet. Remember, there are no short cuts, the key to maintain your health is sticking with right circadian rhythm, diet, and exercise.