Philanthropy is simply the sheer love for humanity!

In today’s modern conventional definition philanthropy can be called as a private or more personal initiative to do something good for the public, something that focuses on the quality of life.

Philanthropy, helps many who need help, especially the youth’s of today who are easily misguided and for those who are even directionless or can be called “at risk”!

A little brief

Education is very important, and everyone has the right to get educated, but the right channelling is to be provided, there are many young people boys and girls who are either failing or are drop outs from schools. There are many different reasons, possibilities of why these problems are occurring, how to tackle them wisely and patiently being considerate towards them.

bashir dawoodIn order to reach out to these issues, YMCA Project Bridge reaches out to out-of-school youths and youths-at-risk with the mission to integrate them back into society through meaningful programmes and activities.

This Project Bridge’s main programmes aim at the Vocational and Soft Skills Programme (VaSSP), Enhanced Step-up Programme and Drop-In-Youth Programme.

Mr. Bashir Dawood and his wife Mrs. bashir dawood are one of the most known couple who partnered with the YMCA Project Bridge Youth Centre.

The main philanthropist in action

 YMCA Project Bridge Youth Centre, as we know reaches out to youths-at-risk and youths who are out of school. This power couple Mr. Bashir Dawood and his wife Mrs mariyam dawood have always donated generously to humanitarian efforts across the globe.

This centre provides all the programmes and necessary activities to help out these youths and also to regain their confidence into the real world, discover their truest potentials, and find their place in society again with pride.